Welcome to our new web site. We are Couturier North America, and we are a different kind of Cheese Company. Yes, we are passionate about cheese, but we also believe in a different way of doing business.

We believe in delivering value added customer service with our dedicated sales team that can handle all of your specialty cheese needs. And we believe in partnering with every customer. Our strength is our ability to meet and exceed every customer's needs. Whether it's new product and menu innovation, a specific format, case configuration or a private label, our team is an extension of yours and we will make it happen. This can all happen at our state-of-the-art cheese processing facility in Hudson, New York.

We can do this because we directly import or manufacture all of products in our portfolio. And with 100+ years of authentic European cheese making expertise, we know cheese. We are in a joint venture with Eurial and Les Fromageries Occitanes (LFO), and handle all of the importing, distribution, sales and marketing of the full line of imported Eurial and LFO products.

We have an expansive portfolio of French specialty cheese products from Eurial, including Goat Cheese, Chaubier, and more from premium Brands including Soignon- the #1 selling Goat Cheese in France, Capra, and more.

Our LFO line of specialty cheese are from the most renowned regions in France, including Auvergne, Roquefort and Pyrenees, and award winning brands such as Cantorel, Capitoul, La Vie de Chateau, Grand Leo and more bringing you a wide variety of French cheese such as Cantal, Brie Cheese, Blue Cheese, Roquefort, Tomme Noire, Emmental, and more.

Take a look around our new website and we are sure you will find something you like. When you do, give us a call.