Goat Cheese is truly a complete food.

Goat cheese is a great source of protein, minerals and nutrients providing nutritional benefits to people of all ages, making it a great choice for staying fit and healthy.

Goat cheese is lower in Fat and Calories.
Goat cheese has about 80 calories and 6g of fat per ounce, compared to cow's milk cheese at about 100 calories and 10g of fat per ounce.

Goat cheese is higher in Protein.
There are 5g of protein in a single ounce of goat cheese! Goat's milk is a good source of high-quality protein, providing 8.7 grams of protein in one cup versus cow's milk, which provides 8.1 grams.

Goat cheese is all natural goodness.
Our goat cheese has no additives, preservatives, or bovine growth hormones that can be found in cow's milk cheeses.

Goat cheese is higher in Calcium.
The amount of calcium in goat cheese can vary from around 40 grams in soft cheese up to 240 grams in hard goat cheese, compared to cow's milk cheese, which has about 200 grams in the hard version.

Goat cheese is a great source for vitamins & nutrients.

Vitamin A- aids Vision, cellular differentiation, growth, immune system and antioxidant response.
Vitamin C- Antioxidant promotes the absorption of iron and stimulates immune reactions.
Vitamin D- Increases intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and helps fix calcium in the bone structure; supports growth and cellular differentiation in the skin.
Vitamin B1- Contributes to energy metabolism and the transmission of nerve impulses.
Vitamin B6- Plays a role in metabolizing amino acids; coenzyme in a number of enzyme systems.
Vitamin K- Essential in blood coagulation mechanisms.

Goat Cheese is easy to digest.
Even those that are lactose intolerant are sometimes able to tolerate goat cheese. The levels of lactose are similar, but because of the makeup of the fat molecules in goat cheese, it is more digestible. Even people who don't have lactose intolerance issues will find that goat cheese is more easily digested than conventional dairy products.

Goat Cheese is a good source of iron.
Iron is an essential element in a variety of biological functions as it is used in the constitution of haemoglobin and of enzymes involved in many metabolic reactions.  Iron helps fight anaemia, which can lead to fatigue, sleep disturbance, vulnerability to infections and a reduction in intellectual performance.