IQF - Fresh Goat Cheese Chèvre : Round Slices

These IQF non ripened goat’s cheese slices have the same characteristics as fresh goat cheese: a smooth texture, a light goaty flavor and a hint of acidity. Thanks to the IQF technology, the slices are perfectly sliced, easy to handle and measure. They are available in many diameters (from 25 to 78 mm) and weights (from 2.5 to 20g).
Type of Milk

Product Details

Case Size: trays of 8/17.6oz. or 2/11# bags
Other Available Sizes:
25mm for 2.5g, 42mm for 7g or 14g or 19g, 55mm for 10g or 14.5g or 35g, 78mm for 20g
Serving Suggestions + Nutritional Information

Suitable Applications: Hot or cold applications : pizzas, ready meals, tarts, sandwiches, hamburgers, Panini’s, salads, and more